How To Use CBD

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CBD should be personalised

Application should be personalised and based on how individuals respond because CBD is processed differently based on genetics and lifestyle. We highly recommend that you start with a low application and then build up gradually. The following recommendations will help you find your ultimate application range.

Start slow

The right amount is when CBD has the desired effect based on your circumstances. This chart should be helpful in aiding you to find the ultimate application level. When you feel an improved state, there is no need to increase the application. The FSA recommends not to take more than 70mg of CBD per day. If you are in any doubt, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Using CBD | C A N N A R A Y
Using CBD | C A N N A R A Y
Using CBD | C A N N A R A Y

Find your ultimate zone

It can be most beneficial to stay in the application range that works for you. Increasing your application may not boost the therapeutic effects any further. Microdosing shows that low amounts of CBD can be very effective in some individuals. For those already taking any prescribed CBD medication, we always recommend consulting your doctor before consuming any additional CBD products.

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