Can CBD used for Inflammation? Your Need-to-Know Guide

CBD in the treatment of inflammation


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Of the many discussed benefits of CBD — and, as scientists will tell you, there are plenty — its relationship with inflammation is one of the most talked about. It’s believed to be a possible force in the face of many a flare-up, whether you’re dealing with acne, diabetes, persistent pain or achy shoulders... the list goes on.

But how much clout does CBD for inflammation really have? To find out more, we spoke to Peter Laing PhD, drug delivery specialist, founder of Cambridge-based pharmaceutical company, Excivion and Cannaray Scientific Advisory Board Member.

What is Inflammation?

All manner of ailments, big and small, have been linked to inflammation, ranging from muscle aches to chronic pain conditions, like arthritis. Put simply, inflammation is your body’s immune system’s response to an irritant, and it can take many forms; redness and swelling on skin or loss of function, to name a few.

The good news is, though often painful, inflammation is a sign that your body is healing, and it plays a vital role in the recovery process, lasting only a few hours or days. The bad news? For some, that process can linger as the immune system goes into overdrive, leading to what is known as chronic inflammation.

Applying CBD muscle balm for inflammation | Cannaray CBD

Can CBD Ease Inflammation?

Each of us has cannabinoid receptors all throughout our bodies, which reportedly help to regulate inflammation, protect from oxidative stress and balance the immune system. It’s believed that CBD sends out signals to these receptors, which may have an anti-inflammatory effect that could prove effective at easing a whole host of conditions.

Although the research is in early stages and by no means conclusive, this might be why CBD is becoming more and more popular to supplement inflammation-fighting routines, whether you’re combining it with treatment prescribed by your doctor or an anti-inflammatory diet. And, because it’s very hard to consume too much CBD (studies show you would have to take 20,000mg almost all at once), a daily capsule or a drop of CBD oil slots into daily life without worry or fuss.

If you’re wondering what dosage is best, the FSA advises taking no more than 70mg per day. Start slow with just one dropper of oil or a capsule to begin with, and see what works for you.

CBD in the treatment of chronic pain

Can CBD Impact Pain?

To understand how CBD might impact pain, you first need to know about the power of neutrophils; a class of white blood cells that go looking for a fight when they sense danger. Here’s one example: “If you've got a viral lung infection,” says Dr. Laing, “white blood cells, including neutrophils, may migrate out of the blood vessels into the lung tissues to try and patrol for a bacterial infection.”

While this is good to some degree, Dr. Laing adds that “if they are unleashed willy nilly, then they can cause more harm than good... They can secrete enzymes that dissolve the tissue [and] they can produce hypochlorite, the active chemical in the same bleach you would use to clean the toilet.”

As a result, any pain you’re experiencing can actually get worse for no reason — other than those cells attacking the infection a little too zealously. However, Dr. Laing says, “CBD is believed to be potent against [neutrophils],” helping to prevent them from running awry and causing trouble, which can lead to you feeling less sore.

Can CBD Affect Arthritis?

Although there are no definitive human studies that link CBD with an easing of arthritis symptoms, anecdotal evidence suggests it may have an impact on associated stiffness and pain. Here’s what we do know: arthritis commonly causes inflammation and – as we’ve seen – animal research indicates that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory.

If this is the case, it’s easy to see why scientists are intrigued by CBD and arthritis, and whether the former can offer relief for the affected joints. For those who want to try it, we recommend speaking to a doctor first, so they can ensure the CBD works in harmony with prescribed medication.

Cannaray CBD: CBD Oils, Balms, Capsules for holistic treatment of inflammation

What CBD Products Shall I Try?

How you take CBD depends on the inflammation you’re experiencing. However, a CBD capsule is a good suits-all option. For calming effects, look to supplementary ingredients that harness additional anti-inflammatory properties, like the CBD Curcumin Capsules, which contain the soothing chemical compound found in turmeric, as well as Beta-caryophyllene and Vitamin D.

If you prefer topical application for your neck or back, try the CBD Muscle Balm, which can be massaged directly into your muscles and joints. For those who want a lighter formula, the CBD Skin Cream combines all the benefits of a muscle balm with a non-greasy feel — perfect for on-the-go care.

Looking for more information about CBD and wellness? Discover what impact it may have on women’s health, including symptoms of the menopause, endometriosis and period pain.

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