What is CBD oil?

Discover what CBD oil is, how it's made and what it can be used for


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People often mistake CBD oil with hemp oil.

Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species grown specifically for industrial uses. Hemp seed oil is made from hemp seeds.

However cannabinoids only occur on the leaves of the green cannabis plants. There are no cannabinoids present in the seeds. Therefore hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids or CBD. It is very important to distinguish that CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same.

How is CBD oil made?

CBD oil comes from the thick concentrated product extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant. This is then diluted with a vegetable oil to produce CBD oils, which can be applied via a dropper. CBD is most commonly prepared as an oil.

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How much CBD oil should I take?

It is important to personalise the right amount of CBD for your desired effects. The amount of CBD required will change from person to person, depending on the way that you are choosing to use the product, and for what effect.

Cannabinoids preparations made with vegetable oils are popular as they allow you to achieve the precise amount of CBD to best treat your specific needs.

When taking CBD, it is likely that a specific level of CBD will best help with your symptoms. The most beneficial amounts of CBD are also likely to change depending on how your symptoms may change from day to day.

Read our dosing guide for more information

People also often mistake the difference between consuming cannabinoids orally and consuming cannabinoids by inhalation.

When you inhale CBD, via a vaporiser or any other method, it goes directly to the lungs and is absorbed immediately into the blood. This means you can feel the effects very quickly, typically within minutes.

With oral consumption, the CBD has to go through the whole digestive system. It goes to the stomach, then into gut to where it's absorbed, through the liver where it's metabolised and only then it comes into the blood. So there is a delay between when you take the product and when you feel the beneficial effects, which can be from half an hour to an hour and a half.

This means that it is very important that people testing CBD oil for the first time to realise that they must wait before they feel any effect.

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