Our Story

Cannaray’s mission is to provide a high level of professionalism and deliver products of exceptional standards.

CBD products that work with the endocannabinoid system

We really do care about our partners, where the plants are grown, and how the CBD is extracted without the use of harmful solvents. We have conducted qualitative and quantitative consumer research, focus groups and data analytics to fully understand our customers’ needs. We are committed to leading the industry in product research, development and technology to create products that we can take pride in.

Cannaray holds a strong position in this fast-paced market, and in the growing recognition of the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Thanks to its co-founders, board of directors and scientific advisory board members, our outstanding team brings an increased level of professionalism to the medical cannabis and CBD industry.

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Cannaray engages a board of specialists who are all experts and leaders in their field. Access to this scientific advisory board will continue to be of paramount importance in the current and future development of our CBD products. We are dedicated to impacting health and wellness and providing high-quality products in a professional, positive and approachable manner.

We are pleased to be working with:

  • Dr Benjamin Thomas, Pain Specialist
  • Dr David Moorhouse, General Neurologist
  • Dr Daniela Tonucci, Pain Specialist
  • Dr Tom Jenkins, Neurologist
  • Dr Emily Collins, Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Andrew Aswani, Intensive Care and Anesthesiologist
  • Dr Peter Laing, Drug Delivery Scientific Expert
  • Simon Tallett, Pharmacist
  • Richard Davey, Pharmaceutical Distribution