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Hip and Healthy CBD award Winner

Cannaray Wins UK CBD Award

Award: Best CBD Products for Recovery
The Cannaray products are incredible at aiding recovery. Combining ingredients such as arnica and aloe vera they soothe skin, relax muscles and reduce inflammation. I had a running injury on my knee and hip that was agony, but after applying the CBD and Arnica cream it instantly felt better.

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Why CBD Could Be The Self Care Boost You Need

Mental health has never been more in the spotlight, with many of us anxious as to what the future holds. And while some people favour meditation and mindfulness when it comes to easing stress and anxiety, others look to CBD. In light of World Mental Health Day, the team at Cannaray – one of the UK’s leading CBD brands – explain why CBD could be the self-care boost you need.

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Sleep Aids; Sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed

Cannaray’s CBD capsules use a 5x VESIsorb® Patented Technology which is clinically backed and proven to significantly improve absorption, calming your nerves quicker than any other product on the market. The Vegan Capsules from Cannaray are the perfect supplements to take in the evening, to calm your mind down at the end of the day. An hour before bedtime, take one or two capsules and let your mind settle and drift off into a sleep more easily.

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CBD Products to Ease Aches and Pains

If you can’t book yourself in for a massage to soothe achy muscles, Cannaray’s Muscle Balm and its blend of aloe, arnica, shea butter, eucalyptus, limonene and linalool is the next best thing. It’s no coincidence that Cannaray’s range of CBD products is market-leading, its balm is known to stay on and work even during high-activity sports. For every one-third of a teaspoon, it contains 8mg of Cannaray’s Gold Standard, potent CBD, too.

Apply its lightweight and nourishing formula liberally to your area of concern as needed and it will not only cool and calm your skin but help ease tension.

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Chin up: Cannaray CBD Capsules

It’s all just a bit much sometimes, isn’t it? Especially with the country starting back up, everyone heading back to work and a new world order to abide by. You’ll be glad, then, that Cannaray have created these nifty vegan CBD capsules. Taken once every morning, the brand’s 5x VESIsorb® patented technology will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. And who doesn’t want that?

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CBD: The Wonder Tonic to Keep Us Looking & Feeling Good?

This is a great CBD product that we shall be ordering again soon. Their CBD drops have been formulated with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring providing a clean and bright taste profile, plus USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil.

We tried the ample 750g version, which lasts a good few weeks, if used sparingly. A nice mellow feel was reported by our reviewer, alleviating the mild stress he was experiencing.

Like the other brands we tried, Cannaray also produces other amazing CBD products such as capsules and skin care products.

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Balance Magazine's Article on Cannaray CBD

Keep this miracle balm in your gym bag, and use to soothe and restore muscle pain.

Market-leading CBD brand Cannaray’s Muscle Balm can be applied at any time throughout the day, and has been specially formulated to stay on and working even through high activity sports.

The balm is packed with ingredients known for their healing properties, including Aloe, Arnica, Shea Butter, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Limonene, Linalool, and every one-third of a teaspoon containing 8mg of Cannaray’s Gold Standard, potent, CBD.

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CBD Oil Alternatives to Ease the Pain of Everyday Life

Cannaray’s Skin Cream is the perfect antidote to ease any aches you’ve got from a lack of exercise, or from working hunched over your laptop cramped in the corner of your kitchen. Infused with aloe, arnica, eucalyptus, shea butter, rosemary, and menthol, the light cream works immediately, cooling the area of your woes and relieving the muscles of all tension while also moisturising. Apply some to the shoulders and neck before going to bed for a restful, undisturbed night’s sleep.

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Things That Have Kept us Calm and Zen During Lockdown

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Take Control of Stress and Anxiety

While various practises such as medication and exercise can help us manage stress, over 8 million Britons have found much-needed relief through CBD products.

Cannaray’s CBD range of drops, capsules and topicals are non-toxic and triple lab tested products which may help calm those who suffer with stress and anxiety, as well as easing inflammation and skin issues, and even soothing muscle pain.

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Woman and Home article on Cannaray CBD Oil

4 supplements to ease anxiety and make you feel calm

Anxious feelings are rife these days but supplements can help keep you calm. It’s a funny old time right now, and you might have noticed that your anxiety levels have soared. However, there are ways to help beat these feelings and calm an anxious mind; taking the right supplements is one such way. Here’s what the experts recommend as anxiety supplements and oils…

It’s taken the health scene by storm, but CBD – a chemical compound from the cannabis sativa plant – could be the key to aiding anxiety, boosting sleep and beating stress.

Dr Balu works with Cannaray’s Scientific Advisory Board. He reveals that several studies have shown how CBD is useful in dealing with not just anxiety, but also sleeplessness and pain management. “CBD works with the many receptors in your brains to give an overall sense of calmness,” he adds.

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The Telegraph's article on Cannaray Skin Cream

4 of the best CBD products to buy now

Few skincare ingredients have proved quite as prolific recently as CBD oil. So popular has this cannabinoid extracted from cannabis and hemp become that ‘What is CBD?’ recently emerged as one of the most-asked questions on Google.

The ingredient’s increasing presence in skincare is due to its reputed antioxidant and anti-ageing properties (don’t worry, the version used is non-psychotropic so won’t get you high), but its anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly useful to men, particularly those prone to shaving rash and sensitive skin.

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What's New in the Wellness World This Month: Cannaray

Whether you’re yet to dabble in CBD or are a seasoned pro, Cannaray’s science-supported formulas are well worth a try. Designed to help you manage your mental and physical health, the line-up consists of everything from tinctures to balms and capsules. Our favourites include the Oral Drops, which are subtly flavoured with coconut oil and juniper, and the Muscle Balm, concentrated with 250mg of CBD as well as arnica and eucalyptus to provide relief from achy muscles. Suitable for vegans, triple lab tested and 100% THC free, this really is the gold standard of CBD.

The Wordrobe's article on Cannaray CBD Oil

8 of the best CBD beauty products

The beauty industry’s obsession with CBD (short for cannabidiol) shows no sign of slowing down. Hailed as a “miracle cure” in skin and body care, it’s made from the whole sativa cannabis plant, including leaves, stalks, flowers and seeds – with products ranging from rejuvenating eye rollers to soothing bath salt. With plenty of beauty benefits to be enjoyed, The Wordrobe’s editor Sophie Ritchie shares eight of the best CBD beauty products to try at home this week.

Formulated with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring to provide a clean and bright taste profile, plus USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil, these ‘Gold Standard’ CBD oral drops can not only help ease anxiety but also reduce inflammation and improve acne-prone skin...

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Balance Magazine's Article on Cannaray CBD

Cannaray is a new range of CBD products, and its balm will soothe any aches and muscle pains.

8 awesome wellness wins worth checking out this month...

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Metro's article on Cannaray CBD

Experts explain how to ease sore and aching muscles after exercise

Put this balm on during a workout or a long run – and it should stay put. Aloe and arnica help to moisturise and soften the skin and the 250mg of CBD acts as a pain relief for muscle tension...

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As a company Cannaray have committed themselves to leading the industry in product research, development and technology to create great CBD products.

Their Oral Drops are formulated with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring, which provides a clean taste profile, combined with USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil. Cannaray produces a range of other fantastic products including Curcumin capsules.

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For Expert-Led Products: Try Cannaray

Developed by world-leading experts, Cannaray, the UK’s largest Medical Cannabis and CBD company, has an amazing array on new CBD products available.

Cannaray’s oral drops and topical products are derived from hemp grown by generational family farms in the foothills of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. What’s more, their drops don’t have a strong hemp flavour – the drops include natural flavourings Juniper Lime and coconut oil, which provides a clean and natural sweetness in taste.

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Luxuriate in Lockdown: Helping You Sleep Better

CBD (cannabidiol) is experiencing a renaissance right now. All the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety pain reducing benefits of the cannabis plant to help you relax before bedtime and none of the negative psychoactive effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol- the perceived naughty element of the plant). The sheer range of CBD products is dizzying and making the correct choice can induce a restless night in itself. Cannaray are a highly transparent, eco-friendly company who work with a whole team of experts and doctors to create a chemical free CBD product. Vegan oral drops with a fresh Juniper lime flavour and easy to swallow, vegan capsules with patented absorption technology as well as massage balms to sooth your body as well as your mind.

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How to Push Through a Fitness Plateau

Boost your workout and recovery times with our pick of the best supplements.

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Putting Anxiety to Bed: 9 Things Helping Us Sleep Right Now

If tired, achy, post-workout muscles are keeping you from falling asleep at night then this is for you. Cannaray’s CBD Muscle Balm contains CBD, of course, but also soothing aloe, shea butter and arnica, which melts into the skin wherever your feeling tension.

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35 Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Cheer Up Loved-Ones in Isolation

The CBD Oral Drops can be used as a calming supplement before bed to settle the mind - perfect for anyone who's struggling to get some shut-eye during these unprecedented times. Cannaray's drops have added exclusive Juniper Lime and Coconut Oil flavouring which makes them enjoyable to take.

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Cannaray (Our Honest Review)

These guys take their CBD very seriously – the company works with a scientific advisory board which includes psychiatrists, neurologists, pain specialists, medical cannabis experts, drug delivery experts and pharmacists to ensure every product they produce gets the seal of approval from the board. This alone is pretty impressive and practically unheard of within our industry.

So far, Cannaray are doing everything right. We love to see a CBD company going the extra mile to ensure quality, and that’s exactly what these guys are doing. One to watch for sure!

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Cannaray Really is CBD with a Difference

Their products combine natural ingredients such as arnica and aloe with the power of CBD to create amazing results for problem areas. I used their Aloe and Arnica Skin Cream on a patch of Psoriasis and it reduced the inflammation and soothed the incessant itching – in, it worked so well that I have become religious at putting it on before going to bed – I have already noticed a difference in the immediate symptoms and am excited to see if there are lasting benefits to the irritated area.

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