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Woman and Home article on Cannaray CBD Oil

4 supplements to ease anxiety and make you feel calm

Anxious feelings are rife these days but supplements can help keep you calm. It’s a funny old time right now, and you might have noticed that your anxiety levels have soared. However, there are ways to help beat these feelings and calm an anxious mind; taking the right supplements is one such way. Here’s what the experts recommend as anxiety supplements and oils…

It’s taken the health scene by storm, but CBD – a chemical compound from the cannabis sativa plant – could be the key to aiding anxiety, boosting sleep and beating stress.

Dr Balu works with Cannaray’s Scientific Advisory Board. He reveals that several studies have shown how CBD is useful in dealing with not just anxiety, but also sleeplessness and pain management. “CBD works with the many receptors in your brains to give an overall sense of calmness,” he adds.

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The Wordrobe's article on Cannaray CBD Oil

8 of the best CBD beauty products

The beauty industry’s obsession with CBD (short for cannabidiol) shows no sign of slowing down. Hailed as a “miracle cure” in skin and body care, it’s made from the whole sativa cannabis plant, including leaves, stalks, flowers and seeds – with products ranging from rejuvenating eye rollers to soothing bath salt. With plenty of beauty benefits to be enjoyed, The Wordrobe’s editor Sophie Ritchie shares eight of the best CBD beauty products to try at home this week.

Formulated with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring to provide a clean and bright taste profile, plus USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil, these ‘Gold Standard’ CBD oral drops can not only help ease anxiety but also reduce inflammation and improve acne-prone skin...

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The Telegraph's article on Cannaray Skin Cream

4 of the best CBD products to buy now

Few skincare ingredients have proved quite as prolific recently as CBD oil. So popular has this cannabinoid extracted from cannabis and hemp become that ‘What is CBD?’ recently emerged as one of the most-asked questions on Google.

The ingredient’s increasing presence in skincare is due to its reputed antioxidant and anti-ageing properties (don’t worry, the version used is non-psychotropic so won’t get you high), but its anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly useful to men, particularly those prone to shaving rash and sensitive skin.

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Balance Magazine's Article on Cannaray CBD

Need to take the edge off another, frankly, tough day? Cannaray is a new range of CBD products, and its balm will soothe any aches and muscle pains.

8 awesome wellness wins worth checking out this month...

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Metro's article on Cannaray CBD

Experts explain how to ease sore and aching muscles after exercise

Put this balm on during a workout or a long run – and it should stay put. Aloe and arnica help to moisturise and soften the skin and the 250mg of CBD acts as a pain relief for muscle tension...

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As a company Cannaray have committed themselves to leading the industry in product research, development and technology to create great CBD products.

Their Oral Drops are formulated with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring, which provides a clean taste profile, combined with USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil. Cannaray produces a range of other fantastic products including Curcumin capsules.

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For Expert-Led Products: Try Cannaray

Developed by world-leading experts, Cannaray, the UK’s largest Medical Cannabis and CBD company, has an amazing array on new CBD products available.

Cannaray’s oral drops and topical products are derived from hemp grown by generational family farms in the foothills of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. What’s more, their drops don’t have a strong hemp flavour – the drops include natural flavourings Juniper Lime and coconut oil, which provides a clean and natural sweetness in taste.

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